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7:00 pm19:00

15 Essential Questions For Business Leaders Workshop

What do you do as a business person?  How do you believe a business should be run and led?  Join us and learn more about yourself and you work than what you have probably considered before.  In this session we will work through and discuss fifteen questions about leadership, business, and our philosophies on success.

7:00 pm19:00

Effective Storytelling For Your Business Workshop

  • Microsoft Store

A crucial part of every business is getting your story out.  The key is not to just do a slide presentation.  It is to tell a story that jolts your audience into action.  Whether it's buying your product, hiring your business, or getting a new job your story is your best resource.  During this one-hour workshop we will step through the parts and techniques for delivering your winning story.

7:00 pm19:00

50 Shades of Red & Black: A Workshop on Business Do’s & Don’ts Workshop

  • Microsoft Store

In business there are two colors that matter.  Black and red, which represent profit and loss.  These two factors alone dictate how and if a business thrives or even survives.  During this one hour discussion, black (profit) and red (loss) topics will be discussed by attendees with the facilitator.  Attendees will receive a free complete list of these topics.

Join us and learn what you may or may not be doing to contribute to your business' success.

7:00 pm19:00

How To Read A Business Book Workshop

  • Microsoft Store Woodfield Mall

In today's constantly changing business environment, knowledge can lead to competitive advantages  and new product ideas.  Combine this with our most precious commodity, time, and reading business books often becomes a task that is set aside.  

In this workshop, you will learn how to effectively read business books for your benefit.  Attendees of this workshop will receive a free list of these tips and guidelines.

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7:00 pm19:00

Microsoft Sway for Business 101

  • Microsoft Store

Employee or entrepreneur? Great! These sessions are for both of you. You are invited to attend the "Microsoft Sway for Business 101" to learn how to use this new tool for business. Not familiar with Sway? A great reason for you to join us at the Microsoft Store in Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg on Sept. 24.

Think of Sway as online dynamic version of Powerpoint you can easily share with others. During this free session, we will cover what it is, create a basic Sway presentation and discuss how Sway can be used for business.