Meaningful Communication Cohorts

Work with us

On paper, projects should most always succeed. Teams should be high-performing. Individuals should be motivated, skilled, and committed to achieving results.


What our cohorts do in six months

  • Intense study in six areas of communication
  • Communication integration into strategy and leadership skills
  • Hot seat coaching
  • Role-playing

For more information on the academy, call us at ‪(847) 350-7847‬‬ or email academy (at) chad eaves (dot) com.



Craft & Cultivate

When people (and their teams) lack clarity of meaning, their tasks become unfocused, and dissatisfaction can foster friction.

Teams with clear meaning understand why and what they are doing.  Focused and defined meaning improves performance, retains key talent, and benefits customers. 

Craft shared meaning for your organization,teams, and employees. Cultivate and include people's shared meanings to overcome adversity and improve performance.

These practices will enhance your ability to compete and innovate to better serve your customers. 

The Meaningful Approach

Effective communication is integrated into strategy and and leadership for desired outcomes. Anything less and it becomes noise without purpose.

Work is more than metrics, methodologies, and  milestones. Projects are driven by people. And shared meaning drives and binds people.

Meaningful Communication Cohort is your laboratory

Creating communications, strategies, and leadership philosophies is often a messy business. Mistakes happen. Decisions might not be the best ones for different scenarios. Experiment. Get feedback from your peers. Learn during the cohort to excel in public. 

The Who

This cohort is for people that work together in organizations, on projects, and other efforts. Throughout each cohort, we collaborate with you as its sponsor. By learning techniques to enhance performance through meaningful communication, strategies, and leadership your people will be better positioned to succeed together and overcome adversity. 

The Reason

How we communicate is deeply familiar to each of us. Too familiar to consider alternatives or witness opportunities and weaknesses.

  • Cohorts members bring observational skills and insights to how we communicate and engage challenges.
  • Participants bring their unique perspectives and experiences that benefit other and contribute their own professional growth
  • Only learning is not enough. Application and practice is a key component of academy sessions.
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How It Works

Academy members are busy professionals that place a premium on time. Meaningful Communication Academy is structured to maximize benefit with participation.

  • Cohort kickoff. Prior to beginning the academy, students and instructor gather for orientation and introductions.
  • Monthly workshop. Each month members will participate in a half-day workshop on meaningful communication topics.  The academy is composed of twelve group coaching sessions/workshops.
  • Capstone session. At the conclusion of each academy, students participate in a capstone session in which we review material covered and recognize each person’s graduation from the academy.