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How to Meaningfully Communicate in a Technical World

Projects fail. Often. Repeatedly. A "good" project might be one that does not fail as bad.

Poor communication dominates the reason why projects fail.

The problem isn't methodologies or project management software most of the time.  These have their place. Most tools and skills used in teams and organizations are not enough.

Meaningful communication crosses chasms, fills gaps, and reduces friction on projects. While you are immersed in focusing on technical outcomes, the essential ingredient of meaning is overlooked, forgotten, or even actively ignored.

You can do better by crafting communication that works with the people that count for your desired outcomes.

 In this keynote, audience members will learn through communication how to:

  • Increase odds for project success

  • Reduce cost overruns and blown schedules

  • Avoid losing key talent and sagging moral
  • How to build and maintain enthusiasm among key talent. And themselves.

  • Enthusiasm destroying pitfalls to avoid

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